Over the years the most frequent question I’m asked is “what Metal Detector should I buy?” as you can imagine. This is also one of the most difficult questions to answer in this article I’ll attempt to answer that question to the best of my ability with a series of question as well.

Whenever asked this question I typically start with a number of other questions that I ask the person who is interested in either Metal detecting or upgrading to a certain Metal Detector.

I almost always find it to be most important to understand what someone’s budget as you can’t talk about buying in a metal detector without talking about budget. Very rarely do I find folks who have unlimited budgets and the sky is there a limit for what they’re willing to purchase to begin with and it’s a very serious question. In regards to budget. I believe it’s extremely important to not only be able to purchase a decent Metal Detector but the accessories that are going to allow you to be successful, these include , a quality pin pointer, finds bag and possibly a quality shovel. I feel all of these items are extremely important to the equation being successful with you’re very first Metal Detector and that’s often why I recommend the Nokta Makro Simplex as a excellent choice. Not only is it a quality machine that is waterproof and easy to turn on and use it has a budget friendly pricing that would allow someone to purchase all the needed accessories to be successful.

The next metal detector comes in a midrange entry point and I typically recommend is the Garrett Atpro or ATmax. The ATpro is quite possibly one of the most well use metal detectors on the market today with a proven track record of quality made by Garrett right here in the United States. Paired with Garrets Zlink headphone system it now becomes wireless and much more versatile. Backed by unbelievable customer service, and a great history of amazing finds all over the world the ATmax or pro is an excellent selection.

For the seasoned or advanced Metal Detectorist with a higher budget the clear choice is the XP Deus 2. A multiple frequency machine the XP days to is waterproof to 65 feet and has a total weight of about 1.5 pounds. lightning quick recovery, speed, and easy on the fly change of settings make the Deus 2 one of the most premier Metal Detectors on the market and is my choice of a machine for scouting sites and hunting iron infested areas.

Overall, there are tons of metal detectors out there on the market in each one serves a civic role or purpose but when purchasing your first one or upgrading and using budget as a mindset, these are my typical go to machines when I recommend Metal Detectors if you have any questions or interested in knowing other thoughts or opinions about which machine selection would be best for you don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any of the guys!

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