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We have a passion for digging up relics and buried treasure!

Matt howell

Head Guy

My name is Matt Howell and for as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in history. In 2010 I picked up my first Metal Detector, and instantly I was hooked! That passion has led me to share my experiences with folks from all walks of life throughout the world. Our mission is to create a love for history through content creation and the sharing of ethical searches for treasures and historical artifacts.  Our community is welcoming and fun, and inclusive to anyone!

Ross Walker

Field Expert

Started metal detecting in 2012 with my father (Bobby Walker) who has been metal detecting since the 80s. My first detector was a Tesoro that my dad gave me to get started. The first relic I ever found was a Civil War period 69cal round ball. The house I was renting at the time was actually on the confederate lines at seven pines in sandston va. I eventually upgraded to a Teknetics T2 and ended up finding around 75 relics from that small half acre lot I was renting.

Matt Sustek

Dig Coordinator

My name is Matt Sustek and I have been digging Civil War relics and other historical artifacts for going on 17 years. Born and raised in the epicenter of the civil war in northern Virginia, I have had the chance to dig in some of the most historic grounds this country has to offer. I spend most of my time roaming the countryside looking for lost camps as well as my main passion which is excavating Civil War and prior house foundations.

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